Dog Dental Care

As humans, we go to the dentist at least once a year for dental care. Pet dental care is equally as important, and the most effective way to care for your dog’s dental health is with the help of a veterinarian. If you need a veterinary professional for your pet’s dental care, the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County is ready to assist you. We have been providing residents of Monticello, Ferndale, and Liberty with reliable pet dental care for many years.   

The Benefits of Proper Dental Care for Dogs  

The benefits of pet dental care are numerous. Dental care will improve the health and comfort of your pet. Dental care is also essential for preventing gum disease and tooth loss, both of  which can significantly reduce your pet’s quality of life. Our veterinarian will thoroughly clean your pet’s teeth and instruct you on how to care for your pet’s dental health at home. Some dogs tolerate dental care better than others, and we will help you come up with the best approach to cleaning your pet’s teeth.

No More Bad Breath  

If your dog’s mouth is never cleaned, bacteria will start to form, causing bad breath, bone and gum loss with eventual tooth loss and all the pain and discomfort that come with it.  In humans, this is deemed unacceptable, though bad breath is common in pets. To prevent your dog from developing bad breath and progressive dental disease, your dog’s teeth must be routinely cleaned. It is recommended you take your dog in at least two times a year for dental care. When it comes to cleaning your pet’s mouth, anything is better than nothing.

Tartar Removal

Tartar can build upon a dog’s teeth just as easily as it can on yours. Tartar and plaque are the product of bacteria and other microbes living in your pet’s mouth. If plaque is left on your pet’s teeth for too long, it can lead to bone and gum loss, infection, pain and eventual tooth loss.  The infection in the mouth will cause distant infections that can lead to heart, liver and kidney disease.  There are dog dental devices that help prevent the buildup of plaque. However, professional teeth cleaning will clear that problem up and will help prevent build-up for a while after cleaning. Brushing daily to maintain oral health is the best maintenance plan.   It is also advised you provide your dog with dental chews that help remove plaque from its teeth.  

Veterinarian in Sullivan County

If you need reliable pet dental care in Ferndale, Monticello, Liberty, or elsewhere in Sullivan County, the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County is ready to assist you. Poor dental hygiene can lead to infection, pain, gum and bone disease and eventual tooth loss.  Persistent neglect of pet dental care can cause long term health problems with the kidney, liver and heart.   For more information on pet dental care or to schedule an appointment, call us at (845) 292-6711.

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