Pre anesthetic and/or pre Ultrasound Instructions:

Your pet is scheduled for either an anesthetic procedure or an ultrasound tomorrow. In preparation you need to do the following:

1. Do not give any food after 8pm tonight.

2. Your pet can have water until you arrive at the hospital tomorrow at 730 am. 

Surgery day expectations:

1. Preoperative lab work will be done in the morning if it has not already been done. If you have a dog over 50 pounds or a cat over 9 years of age please bring a urine sample.

2. We will call you when the procedure is done and your pet is waking up.  We will also call intraop if we have found something unexpected like additional dental extractions to keep you up to date with additional care that we have not quoted you for.

3.  All discharges are done between the hours of 4-6 pm due to the fact it takes a good 2-5 hours for your pet to be awake enough to safely go home. 

Post op care at home:

1. Strict rest for at least 24 hours.  Further rest will be explained at discharge.

2. If your pet had an anesthetic procedure do not give your pet any food until the next morning.

3. You can give you pet a small amount of water at bedtime.

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