Pet Travel Requirements

When taking your pets on a commercial flight, it’s important to understand all of the necessary air travel requirements. At Animal Hospital of Sullivan County, serving Ferndale and the surrounding area, our veterinary team can help you get your beloved animals up-to-date with vaccinations as well as other veterinary care your pets may need prior to traveling. Here are factors to consider when planning an airline excursion with your furry friends.


Commercial air travel with your pets require following regulations precisely, and this is best done by contacting the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), which is the department that regulates air travel for pets. While individual airlines can have additional rules regarding pet travel, they must all abide by the USDA restrictions.

Veterinary Assistance

Once you have made your travel plans, get in touch with our veterinarian right away to help you with the details regarding air travel with your pets. This needs to be done well in advance if you and your pets are traveling internationally. You may need to contact the regulatory agency that handles air transportation in the country where you are traveling for its requirements, which may include a health certificate, vaccinations, testing, and other treatments. Also, note that your destination country may require an international health certificate signed by a veterinarian who is USDA-accredited.

Choose an Appropriate Flight

Because flying can be stressful for pets, it’s important to book a flight that will offer your pets the most comfortable experience. Book a non-stop fight, if possible, and pick a flight during the early morning or late evening if the weather is going to be warm. Flights during the middle of the day are best during cold weather. It is also prudent to avoid taking your pets on an airplane during the holidays when airlines are busy.

Preparation Is Key

Don’t make any assumptions when it comes to air travel and your pets. Prior to your flight, contact the airlines and reconfirm your travel plans. Make sure you have an approved carrier that is appropriately sized for your pets. It's also important for them to be well-accustomed to being in a carrier before the flight. Getting your furry friends used to being in a carrier makes traveling less stressful for both you and your pets.

Contact Us for Pet Care

At the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County in Ferndale, our veterinary team is here to assist you with air travel plans for your pet. Our veterinarian can answer any questions you may have and provide travel guidelines. Contact us today at (845) 292-6711 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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