Diagnostics / In House Lab

When you want to take the best care of your pets this begins with proper diagnosis of their medical condition. Whether your pet has suffered trauma or is experiencing internal disease or pain, we can assist you with our state-of-the-art diagnostics and in-house lab here in Ferndale, NY.   At the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County we treat small animals and exotic pets using the most advanced veterinary equipment for their complete health and wellness.   Learn more about our diagnostic methods at our in-house laboratory as available by our vet Dr. Barbara Bodolosky.

Pet Diagnostic Methods Available 

If your pet is sick, injured, or in need of pet surgery, we want to ensure their utmost care. That is why we provide diagnostics prior to any treatment. Our diagnostic tools include digital x-ray technology, ultrasound, and endoscopy. Through digital x-rays we can detect bone and organ damage without performing exploratory surgery. This is ideal for pets that may have been in an auto accident or in a traumatic incident. Bloodwork, digital x-ray and ultrasound allow us to stage disease to determine if surgery is a viable option in treating your pet.

If your pet is suffering from internal pain or has a bulging mass, we can use ultrasound to take a look at their internal organs and surrounding tissue to fully evaluate them to choose the best diagnostic and treatment options.  We use endoscopy to determine if your pet has swallowed a foreign object or has a mass in their windpipe or stomach.  Endoscopy also gives us a non-invasive way to obtain biopsies from the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract and upper airway.   Each of these diagnostic methods allow us to care for your pet with pre-operative techniques, rather than depending on exploratory surgery to determine what is causing your pet pain or discomfort. This saves you money and reduces the amount of pain and healing time for your pet.

Benefits of an In-House Lab

By choosing the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County in Ferndale, NY you save both in time and money.  We can perform diagnostic testing right here at our animal hospital with our in-house lab, rather than having to send this information off to another lab. This reduces the time it takes to make a proper diagnosis, while bypassing the fees associated with third-party vet labs. The in-house lab is very valuable when your pet is sick because we can have the initial lab-work in 30 minutes and start treating your pet right away.  This can be life-saving and allows immediate treatment to reduce pain and discomfort and get the pet on the mend sooner.  When you want to help your pet improve their well being, choose the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County for your comprehensive pet wellness solution.

Types of Animal Conditions We Treat

We can effectively treat a variety of pet conditions using medicine and surgery based on our findings from our thorough diagnostic methods.   These include dental surgery, internal surgeries, growth removals, and spaying/neutering.   By starting with a proper diagnosis we can determine if and when either of these types of pet surgeries or medical treatments are necessary.

Find Companion Pet Care in Ferndale, NY

The Animal Hospital of Sullivan County provides pet preventative care in Ferndale, NY.  Preventative care using in-house diagnostics and examination can pick up on disease early and carry a better long term prognosis than if the disease is caught in the later stages of disease.   We also treat pet patients coming from Wurtsboro, Livingston Manor, Callicoon, Jeffersonville, Swan Lake, Liberty, Rock Hill, Roscoe, Parksville, Youngsville, and Loch Sheldrake. Dr. Bodolosky has been providing veterinary services for this area for more than 16 years and has been practicing for almost 25 years.   The Animal Hospital of Sullivan County has been serving the community since 1953.   To become a part of our vet community contact our office at (845) 292-6711 to schedule lab services or diagnostics.

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