Covid Protocols

This is a confusing time amid worries and myths surrounding COVID-19. Many are worried about vulnerable populations, including pets, and their safety during the pandemic. At the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County in Ferndale, NY, we are adjusting to COVID-19 and offering ways to keep our clients safe when bringing their dogs and cats in for routine or emergency pet care. We want to debunk the myths and offer some support to patients and families that have questions during this difficult time across Sullivan County.

First, let’s address some common questions related to Coronavirus and pet care for dogs and cats:

How Are We Adjusting to COVID-19? 

We are adjusting and adapting to COVID-19 with new procedures and protocols to ensure the safety of all of our patients, our staff, and our veterinarian. We are now using curbside pickups, no waiting rooms, and sterilizing the exam rooms and lobby between appointments.

If you live near Ferndale, Monticello, or Liberty, visit our animal hospital and speak to our veterinarian about the new COVID-19 test available for felines.

Are Pets at Risk for COVID-19? 

There is still a lot of ambiguity surrounding pets and their risk factors for contracting COVID-19. Recently, a dog in North Carolina tested positive to COVID-19 after exposure to several family members who had the virus. Some of the dog’s symptoms were a cough, gagging, and loss of appetite, but these subsided after a few days and the dog fully recovered.

Since there are still so many questions, it makes sense to restrict contact to pets if you or others in your home have COVID-19, if you are exhibiting symptoms of being sick, or if you have been exposed to the illness. Enlist someone else to care for your pets, and if you must touch them, veterinary professionals recommend that you wash your hands thoroughly before and after contact.

How Can We Keep Pets Safe? 

Safety is our number-one priority. According to the Center for Disease Control, maintaining at least six-feet of distance between yourself and other people walking animals can help prevent the transmission and spread of this virus. Stay away from dog parks right now, too.

As for cats and Coronavirus, keep them inside as much as you can and talk to a veterinarian about testing procedures if you feel that they have been exposed to the illness.

Worried about COVID-19? We want to help. 

Call the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County in Ferndale, NY, at (845) 292-6711, to schedule an appointment for your pets in our wide service area of Ferndale, Monticello, and Liberty.  We are still open for business and are caring for our patients while using precautions and protocols to ensure your safety and the safety of your pets. We ask that you do the same and if you are not feeling well or are at high-risk, please stay home and keep others, including pets, safe.

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