AAHA Accreditation

Receive High Standards of Care with Our AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital in Ferndale, NY

Since 1987, the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County has been an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited veterinary hospital, providing the pets of Ferndale, NY and the surrounding community with the highest standard of quality, compassionate veterinary care. Beginning with their very first appointment and throughout every visit to our animal hospital, our veterinarians treat patients and their owners with courteous, professional, and compassionate care.

What AAHA Accredited Pet Care Means

To achieve AAHA accreditation, an animal hospital, its veterinarians, and its staff must meet certain standards of pet care day in and day out.  AAHA assures these standards are met with period on-site evaluations during which association consultants directly inspect our veterinary hospital's facilities, practice methods, management, and equipment, verifying the presence of the following qualities of care:

  • Thorough - A complete understanding of your pet's health is necessary for adequate care, treatment, and preventative wellness. We must perform thorough physical examinations during comprehensive wellness exams and prior to administering anesthesia for any procedure. This includes a complete evaluation of your pet's primary health systems such as the mouth, ears, eyes, heart, and lungs. 
  • Responsive - In emergency health situations, every second count towards saving a pet's life. AAHA animal hospitals must be fully equipped and prepared to handle emergencies in an efficient manner. This requires an animal hospital to have fully and neatly stocked medications and emergency equipment on hand and readily accessible in order to respond to emergency care situations as quickly as possible. 
  • Sanitary - As an AAHA accredited animal hospital, we ensure your pets receive care in a completely safe and sanitary environment. To prevent the spread of disease, our staff always washes their hands between interacting with patients, and we regularly sanitize all patient areas with the use disinfecting agents. 
  • Safe - We ensure your pets receive care in the hands of compassionate, well-trained handlers and medical professionals. We ensure your pets feel safe and are not harmed during their treatments and physical evaluations. 

When you bring your pets to an AAHA accredited animal hospital, such as our own, you can feel confident that you are providing your pets with the quality of compassionate care they deserve. 

Schedule a Wellness Exam with Our Veterinarian in Ferndale

To ensure your pets receive the love and quality of care they deserve, be sure to schedule annual wellness exams with our veterinarian in Ferndale. During regular preventative care appointments, your pets receive thorough physical examinations to ensure the early detection of diseases, vaccination boosters, parasite prevention, dental checkups, and all of the care necessary to be sure they enjoy living happy, healthy lives with their human families. In addition, we welcome all pets who are new to our animal hospital. To schedule a new patient consultation or wellness exams for all of your furry friends, contact our office at (845) 292-6711

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