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Posted on 03-17-2017

Spay and Neuter Your Pet in Ferndale, NY

Here at the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County we have been serving Sullivan County and Ferndale for more than 64 years. Over the years we have been able to offer comprehensive services including spay and neuter for your pets. As part of a preventive care plan, spaying and neutering your pets adds years of happiness and health to their lives. Find out what to expect with spay and neuter services at the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County. 

Puppies hanging out in the grass

What is the Difference between Spay and Neuter?

Spaying and neutering are the surgical procedures done to prevent a dog or cat from reproducing. If you are spaying your pet you are completing this process on a female. It involves removing the ovaries and uterus. Neutering is done on male pets, and the process only involves removing the testicles. Both procedures are very simple and cost effective.

Why Should I Get My Pet Fixed?

If you aren’t breeding pets, why should you care whether or not they can reproduce? The primary reason is that pets who can reproduce are more likely to have reproductive organ cancers. Also, going into heat requires the pet to be forced into behavior cycles that only lead to frustration and stress. If your pet is not going to be reproducing, getting them spayed or neutered can help it lead a healthy, happy, and somewhat longer life. 

What if I Have More Questions About Getting My Pet Spayed or Neutered?

Let us answer them here at the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County.  Bring your pets in for a consultation with our vet to find the best answers for your pet’s preventative care needs. After all, every pet’s situation and lifestyle differs, as does the decision on whether or not to spay or neuter. 

Your Veterinarian in Sullivan County

As your veterinarian in Sullivan County we offer complete preventive care and pet surgery. If you are interested in spay and neuter we want to assist your pet today. Contact the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County today to set up a spay or neuter surgery.

Liz .C said:

I took my sick cat to get checked out and the staff their was all very nice.Their main concern was for my sick cat.They took the necessary measures to contribute to my cats health and well being.I would recommend others to go their.I would definitely bring my pet back to them.

2017-04-04 09:17:28

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